Monday, September 29, 2008

VWALAH!!!! Madison's First Report Card...

Madison brought home her first "report card" from kindergarten today. This is what her teacher reported:

Madison is a refreshing delight to have in the KG this year. So far, I haven't had the ease of teaching a little girl in the KG who speaks English as a first language. It sure is a joy! It is obvious that Madison is receiving all the right stuff from her Mommy and Daddy. She is a shining joyful reflection of this. The proof is in the pudding as they say. Keep on with whatever it is you're doing. I will humbly seek the Lord's direction for whatever He would have me add. Looking forward to what wonderful things He will do in the life of this precious child!

Isn't that the sweetest little report??? We are so proud of her and so glad she is having a great first year of school!!!

He's a Man Now...

Before going out one night Matthew Ray and Dada got ready together in the bathroom. We walked into the bathroom to find this...

For those of you who are worried...NO, he's not really shaving...the razor is flipped backwards.:)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Meredith

Meredith had to write a paper for school about her relationship with Christ. I wanted to share it with all of you because many of you walked this journey with her...

"For my eyes have seen Your salvation." Luke 2:30. I once was lost and not knowing my way around. I was like a lost newborn sitting in the darkness, and I knew I was not saved.

Doubting is what kept me knowing I was not saved. I questioned my parents a lot if God existed. I never had assurance of my salvation. I even prayed the prayer about five times and was never sure! I even got to the point where my best friend's dad tried to help me understand. Then, right before I came here a friend asked me a simple question that made me think. She said, "Meredith, will you get saved before you move overseas?" I was not sure of that answer.

My salvation still was not assured until I went to a camp before moving here. I met new friends, had a blast, but was still not sure! I remember one night when I was talking with my dad about salvation for the millionth time. He said, "You know, the Bible has been passed down from generation to generation, and all of it is true." I knew that already, but I also knew that was God's way of letting me know He was there. That night I was saved, and it felt good!!

The way I know I am saved is that I know for sure God is real, and I have not had any doubts since. I know I still sin. Everybody sins, but I am different now and have a new outlook on life!

I have grown in my faith since I was saved in 2006, and God is working in my life! I love the Lord with all of my heart. I will never be the same again!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Date with All of Us...

Dada leaves in a day in a half and today was our last day with everyone all together all day. We relaxed for half of the day and we hung out at City Stars Mall for the rest of the day! We ate at On The Border, ate ice cream, drank coffee at Starbucks, window shopped, ran around in the air conditioning, and toy shopped at Toys R Us. We were exhausted when we were all done! All children are in bed at the moment and it took them about 1 minute to go to sleep. What a great day!

A little Starbucks...

Awww...I love him...You can't even tell he had a terrible eye 2 days ago!
Awww...I love him, too!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Spending Time with some local Pastors...

Matt's dad, Don, got to spend some time with some local pastors during his visit. He loved his time with them and loved seeing their committment and desire to learn more. Many of these pastors have a very difficult life. For several days they were fed spiritually and physically!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Meredith's Date Night with Dada...

Dada said when he arrived, "If I don't do anything else on this trip, the one thing I HAVE to do is take Meredith on a date." So, that's exactly what the two of them did on his second night here. They enjoyed their time at the City Star's Mall. They stuffed themselves at Macaroni Grill, walked around to try to make more room for dessert, and then had ice cream at a cafe in the mall! They both came back with huge smiles on their faces! Such sweet memories!!

Polka Dot World...

After we opened all of our gifts from Dada and Mimi we started to work on the polka dot wall. Remember our midnight painting experience about a month ago?? Well, we ended up ordering pink dots to go on Meredith's wall. We had a lot of fun applying them to the wall...we think it looks so cool while Matt thinks it is a little "much." Even though he thinks that, he is always willing to let us do anything we want around here for decor...such a great husband!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dada is Here Again!!

Dada arrived yesterday to visit us again...and he came packed out with presents from he and Mimi!!! We enjoyed our first day with him by just visiting, playing with our new toys and trying on new clothes. Stacey also received her new computer that Matt so sweetly bought for her! He's such a great guy!

Check back tomorow...we have date night pics and Meredith's finished room pics to show you!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Madison's Arabic....

Madison received a call today from one of her friends from her Arabic pre-school. The little girl misses having Madison around and just HAD to talk to her. The great thing about it is that she only speaks, Madison is made to use her Arabic! We heard her on the made our hearts so happy to hear her speak. The teachers at the pre-school said she only used Arabic at the pre-school but she would never really use it in front of us. We had to capture some of the conversation on video for you to hear. (The phone call came while she was getting out of the shower so just nevermind her naked self in her towel! :)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Funny Pharoah Land Moments..No. 5 and 6

I promise I could write one of these funny moments every day...but I just don't have the time!!! Here are two for ya!

Madison has just started kindergarten so she and Matthew enjoy (most of the time) catching up after school. This is how the conversation went over their after school snacks yesterday:

Matthew Ray(in tears): MOM!! Madison said I was made out of dirt! I am NOT made out of dirt!

Madison: No, it's the sand know mom...the sand/dirt thing!??

Matthew Ray: I AM NOT MADE OUT OF DIRT!!!!

Madison: Yes, you are made out of dirt and I am made out of this thing right here (pushing her side out and pointing to her ribs)....right mom? You remember the story, don't you??

Matthew Ray: It is not true! I am not DIRT!

Madison: Yes, you are!!! My teacher said so!

No. 6
Madison has been informing us for the last several months that when she is older she is NOT marrying anyone and she is NOT having a baby. When asked why she just states that she wants her own stuff and her own sum it up...she doesn't want to share! And then the thought of a baby just sends her over the baby is coming out of her body!!! So, I was walking with her in the street and we were discussing this topic once again:

Madison: Mom, I am going to have lots of money when I grow up. I am going to buy whatever I want and whenever I want!

Me: Well, you better marry someone really rich or have a really good job!

Madison: Remember mom, I AM NOT MARRYING ANYONE!! So, I will have a good job...what is a good job??

Me: Well, you could be a doctor or a nurse or you could be a business woman I guess..

Madison: I know what I will be! I want to own my own store! I am going to sell toys! And you know what?? I can save the toys I have now and then I won't have to buy new ones to get started in my store! I can just start selling those and then I will have money to start my new store!

Since this conversation, she is stuck on this toy store business. She and Matthew Ray have now decided that they will both have toy stores...She will carry boy toys and he will carry girl toys...and then each will have a place to shop for what they want!!:)

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Patrick, Liz and their Room Decor...

Patrick and Liz are here this week. We found a great deal at a nearby hotel for them. It's pretty nice..I think...well, the shower is not the greatest and they have to have the ash tray, coasters and a brush to hold the curtains down so the air conditioner cools the room...but hey, TIE..This is Egypt! :) The greatest part of their room has been the cleaning lady's personal touch to their bed! This takes talent!!!

Swan and Heart towels!! How romantic!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

A Little Cooking and Karate Chopping...

Have I ever said on this blog before....WE HAVE AMAZING FRIENDS!!! Patrick and Liz came to visit here and brought a suitcase full of goodies from our friends in Pensacola...and again...they REALLY out-did themselves! We got SO much stuff...cookie and muffin mixes, vitamins, sweets like crazy, clothes, jackets, oatmeal, goldfish, cereal bars, books, new Crocs for Matt, swimsuits, coffee (Matt's favorite) and CREAMER (my favorite)! YIPPY! We are giddy this morning! Thank you so much guys! You always keep us stocked up! BTW...Meredith had a mini-meltdown this past week about missing Wal-mart and Sonic...she was SO excited to see a Wal-mart plastic sack in the's amazing what a small thing like a plastic sack can do for our present emotional state!:)

Matthew Ray has been asking for a karate suit for several months. Gina Hodges MADE him one with all of the belts to go with it! He has been chopping everything today! :)

Madison and Meredith got matching aprons with oven mits to match...They helped cook pancakes for breakfast this morning:

Matthew Ray insisted on sleeping in his new karate suit!