Sunday, June 08, 2008

Pharoah Funny Moment and Funny Phrase..Madison

MADISON....what else can I say...she is such a character!!

Funny Phrase:

I (Stacey) have been having a difficult time the last couple of weeks and my mood has not been the most pleasant to be around. Anyway, yesterday Madison decided that it would be fun to use an entire bottle of new shampoo for a bubble bath. I came into the bathroom only to see enough bubbles for 100 bubble baths!! I immediately started yelling and told her "she knew better than that!!!" Then in tears Madison replied, "YOUR FACE LOOKS LIKE YOU NEVER EVER WANT A DAUGHTER ANYMORE!!!" (FYI to all of you who are feeling sorry for her..I loved on her a few minutes later and let her know how much I loved her!)

Funny Moment

Juliana, Madison's COUNTRY Aunt, has great influence on her little personality! Take a look at the following music video...performance by Madison, produced by Juliana. (If Madison is going to have a future in country music singing, we think she needs to learn to stay a little more focused...notice her brushing the floor toward the end of her performance!)