Sunday, February 11, 2007

Total Tour

We have finally made our flat a home! It took a little work, time, patience, and language learning to get it done but we "think" we are finished!!! Notice the word "think." Many of you have known of our stuggles with repairs-new hot water heater (after 3 repairs), electrical work in several rooms, new stove, floor repair for hole, replacement of broken faucets, everything painted including ceilings, and washing machine repair (it just dances a little now). We think repairs are common here- We told our plumber we would just make a room for him!

So, here's the tour!
Meredith's Bedroom

Madison and Matthew Ray's Bedroom

Kid's Bathroom
View of Dining Area from Front Door
Family Living Room with Balcony in Back

Formal Egyptian Visiting AreaMaster Bedroom
Master Bathroom