Saturday, February 09, 2008

Meredith with Coptic Friends

Meredith was invited to our neighbor's apartment this week for a birthday party. She had a great time with the girls singing with interactive TV and speaking with them in Arabic while mom had a great time talking with their moms! We are so glad she loves to make friends anywhere she goes! Here she is right in the middle of these precious girls.

The interactive songs were in English. The girls were impressed that Meredith could sing them so well!

Father/Daughter Dance

Meredith is now an official Girl Scout. She loves her troop and her troop leader! Last week the girl scouts sponsored a Father/Daughter Dance. Here's a picture of Father and Daughter on their way out to the dance. I don't have pics of the actual dance but you can just imagine the fun they had!(: Meredith said it was the most fun she had ever had and Matt said that 99% of the dances were fast dances and the music was a lot faster than when we were young! ( you think the music is faster or the dancer is slower???)

Saying Goodbye to Mr. S

Last week was sad for our family. We said goodbye to a dear man, Mr. S. He has been our taxi driver during this past year. He was offered a job in a nearby country and decided it would be a good move for he and his family. He came by the night before he left to say goodbye. He told Matt that he dreaded coming by. He just didn't think he could do it. The kids all hugged him and then he started to cry. Then we all cried. We pray he finds just the friends he needs in his new country.