Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Maybe This is How They Built the Pyramids

The weather is so nice right now so we are able to open our balcony doors and feel the nice breeze the desert air brings. Tonight we opened our door to see something we had never seen before. Below you will see several men pulling a new sign to the top of the building with a rope to advertise a dermatologist's office. You will hear commentary when you watch the video that explains it all. We were watching this event with one of our Egyptian friends and she thought it was so funny that this sight was new and amazing to us. We explained that we come from cities with few tall buildings, much less cities where men pull signs up with old ropes for advertisment. I guess seeing such a thing gives us a slight peek into how Egyptians might have worked together to build the ancient pyramids!

We didn't stay up to see the finished product(they work late around here!) but we did wake up to see a nice, shiney new sign on an old, dusty building. (:

A Preacher in the Making

As many of you know our kids love to pretend and use their imaginations. Tonight's imagination time was centered around Matthew Ray preaching. We just happened to catch it on video. I am not quite sure what Madison's sign was about but I did notice that she had drawn a clock on the board. (Ha! All preachers need a clock nearby so they don't preach too long!!!) He was preaching from the book of Matthew where Jesus calms the storm. I think he might make a great preacher one day! What do you think? BTW: the music sound in the background is the "call" that we hear 5 times every day!

One of our favorite things to do....

We have a Chili's Restaurant at the end of street. We love walking down there when we feel the need for an American moment. However, we really don't feel very American on our walk there because we have to walk down a PACKED street of honking cars, people loudly speaking Arabic and we often dodge a donkey cart or two. Once we are there we love sitting in the outside eating area near the Chili's playground. The kids love the playground and usually make many Egyptian friends. Here they are with a group of little girls having a birthday party. No, they weren't invited but they were asked to be in every picture and Meredith ended up with several cell phone numbers of the girls she met! So, we call it an American night but now that I have written about it, it doesn't seem very American????