Friday, June 19, 2009

Great Birthday Party...Wrong Month...Bitter sweetness...

We have discovered that there are many emotional ups and downs that come with living overseas. One of the exciting things is meeting so many new people and really becoming family with many of them. Living in another culture can feel overwhelming at times with so many different sounds, sights, words and customs. So, when we find a few other Americans to socialize with we find a place of familiarity that just feels "normal." But one of the sad things about this "familiar family" is that it is full of many good-byes.
One of those families that we have grown to love is leaving soon. They have four precious children and two of them are right around Madison's age. She has been so sad thinking that they would not be able to come to her birthday party in November. So, tonight we planned a sleepover birthday party at the last minute...when I say last minute, I mean we came up with the idea, decorated, made 2 Barbie cakes and wrapped presents in a little over an hour! Madison was so surprised! We had a great time getting it all set up and the girls had a ton of fun!