Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's Tough Growing UP :(

What kind of people enjoy capturing "torture moments" of their kids? Well, I guess we do but we have a good see, we took Meredith's picture 7 years ago when she had her kindergarten shots and it is in her scrapbook. Now that I use my blog for my scrapbooking it was A MUST to add Madison's in! (side note: Have you heard of Thanks to our really smart friend, Ashli, we discovered it! It is a free downloadable program that turns your blog into a book. We just recently turned a whole year of memories into a thin book straight from our blog! It was sooo easy, quick and only cost me around $50 for a 120 page book!)

Anyhoo, we felt we had to record the same events with Madison to our new way of scrapbooking. We discovered at the doctor that all three kids were due for some shots! YIKES!! If you are saddened by pitiful faces you may want to stop now before scrolling down to see pics!:) Tomorrow we should have happy pictures of Madison's first day of kindergarten!

Meredith is not really happy here. We were encouraging her to stay strong for her brother and sister who were next in line!

Madison was really brave. She wanted to make sure the doctor knew that she wanted to watch the needle go suprises for her!

He made me so sad!

When it was all over we headed for Chili's to play on their outside playground and got some PROMISED ice-cream! It made it all better!