Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Meredith's Movie Party! She's 12 YA'LL!!!

Today is Meredith's 12th birthday! She had several of her friends over last night for a pizza/cake/ice cream/popcorn/coke movie party. It is not cultural here to have "sleepovers" and Egyptians really don't understand why you would ever sleep at someone else's house. But they can come and stay until really, really late and that is not problem at all! Two of her friends were able to spend the night with us...they are so sweet and we had such a fun time! They stayed up until 3:30 and were awake again at 8:30...they watched a movie, played a little, and then made chocolate chip pancakes! It has been a very fun and special birthday for Meredith!

Here's a slide/movie of the evening's events complete with a mini-fashion show at the end!