Saturday, August 18, 2007

Matt Forgot!!??

As you may remember, we took a family vacation last week. At the end of the vacation Stacey became ill and came home a day early, leaving Matt with all three kids and the responsibility of packing everything up and getting it back home. Matt and the kids had a great last day playing together. When they arrived home, Stacey was feeling better and began unpacking the luggage only to find that Matt forgot all of the "hang-up" clothes and all 5 passports at the hotel! At first, there was great frustration but this was soon followed by...."Hey, let's go back next weekend-just the two of us!" We made a call to some GREAT friends who VOLUNTEERED to keep our kids while we were gone. (THANKS, GUYS!) When we told Mr. Siede about the whole incident, he said, "Sure, Matt forgot!!?? He just wanted to go back alone with Stacey!"

Anyway, here are the pictures from the "mini-couple getaway." Matt played golf for the first time since we have been here and Stacey was glad to caddy.

Here's the beautiful view from our hotel room!

The Never Ending Party -Part 3

The last party Meredith had for her birthday was 2 days after her REAL birthday. We received a call from our taxi driver, Mr. Siede, asking us if it would be okay to bring over a cake for Meredith. We told him that we would be gone that day so he asked about the next day. We told him that we would be gone again and would be home late. He said, "That's okay! We can bring it late. What about 9:30 (PM)?" Sooooo, we had ANOTHER party for Meredith at 9:30 pm and it lasted until 12:15 am!!! Here's a video of Mr. Siede, Ms. Mona, Reeham, Ingie and Mazin singing Happy Birthday in English first, then Arabic. Sorry that it is a dark video-they made us turn out the light!