Friday, February 27, 2009

Our Valentine's Day Date...

I know we are officially past Valentine's Day but we are still in the month of February and our stores in Egypt are still filled with tacky heart shaped items (even furry bird houses:)! So, I wanted to share these pics with you and tell you what our 2 younger sweeties did for us!

On Valentine's morning we were awakened by Madison and Matthew Ray telling us we had a surprise in the living room. We came out to find this precious sight. They had gotten themselves dressed, prepared our dining area (bathroom stool with bean bags) and had made us raisin bran and cups of milk. Madison did apologize that they did not know how to make coffee for us and that if I would show her how she could do that for us next time:) It was a great Valentine's Breakfast date and really our only date for this year's Valentine's celebration. What sweeties!