Monday, August 04, 2008

Kinda Funny Pharoah Land Moments...No. 6..In Cahoots for some Cake

Matthew Ray has a friend at his school named Lydia. Yesterday there was a birthday party at the school for one of their classmates. We were not aware of this party but as Matthew Ray returned home we were informed of how he felt about the day. Before I begin the story I must explain that Matthew Ray and Lydia are really sweet kids. They both have tender hearts and are usually mild, sweet and obeident. This is how the story unfolded:

Matthew Ray entered with a look of disgust and the first words out of his mouth were, "One of my teachers yelled at me today and I just yelled right back at her!"

Trying to keep my composure I asked, "Well, Matthew what in the world happened?"

"Me and Lydia wanted some more cake. The teacher left the room. There was a piece we ate it. Then the teacher came back in the room and started yelling at us. She is mean. She put Lydia in punishment and I just started yelling at her!"

I asked, "Did you yell at her in English or Arabic?"

He said with a continued look of real disgust, "Some of it was in Arabic and some of it was in English!"

I really have never seen him this "put out." We have others in this house that get "put out" easily ( but he is never this way!

At this point, I really didn't know exactly how to proceed next because I wasn't sure of the entire story. I told him that we never yell at adults and just ignored the part about the cake. I immediately called Lydia's mom to see if she may could get some more details about the whole incident from Lydia. Lydia had not yet informed her mom of the incident but was not remorseful (and neither was Matthew Ray) about taking the cake. She told her mom that this teacher is always mean. Lydia's mom asked her what Matthew Ray yelled and this is the report:

"You're always mean! You always yell! You're always mad at us!!!"

Lydia's mom and I talked about it and decided that these two had just had their fill. I think they were just tired of the un-called-for treatment and decided that a little cake and some yelling back might do this teacher some good. We will both be talking to the school's owner this week and getting to the bottom of things.

Life with kids...whew..they really keep things hoppin!