Monday, April 28, 2008

Funny Phrases From Pharoah's Land...No.2

Liar, Liar...pants on fire!

Matthew: “Mom, can we say…liar, liar pants on fire?”
Mom:“Hmmm…why don’t you ask your dad that?”
So, Matthew Ray asked Dad who was busy working on his computer: "Daddy, can we say liar, liar pants on fire?"
Dad: “Yeah, just make sure you say it sweetly.”
Matthew Ray: "How do I say that sweetly??!!”

Meredith’s conversation to Madison and Matthew Ray about visiting a farm this week:

Meredith: Hey, guys we are going to a farm tomorrow. We will get to run around and there will be grass and maybe there will be some animals.

Madison: Hey!!! I didn’t think there was grass in Egypt!!!!