Monday, May 19, 2008

Dada and Mimi are here!!!

Dada and Mimi (Matt's parents) just arrived at 2 am this morning. We have had a big day. The kids got new watches, new stuffed animals and LOTS of chocolate. (of course, the chocolate is for me and Matt, too!) They saw a little of our city today and then spent the evening with the kids. Dada helped Meredith with a power point project. Mimi and Matt did a devotion time with Madison and Matthew Ray. It was a great first day. I will try to post often over the next few days to show you all of our activities. We will be seeing a lot of the it should be interesting!

Fun in the Sun!

I am a little behind on our life. I will try to catch up in the next couple of days. This past week we got to go to our local water park. Yes, we have a water is in the middle of the desert but it is a water park! Anyway, Matthew Ray was so excited that he was up at 6 am ready to go! He got dressed and then asked if he could eat his breakfast on our balcony. (Way cute!) We had a great day! Hopefully we will get to go many times in the next few months!