Thursday, July 05, 2007

Visiting a Garbage City School

We had some friends come and visit us for about 10 days and we were able to see and do some very exciting things. One of the most exciting was visiting a school in Garbage City. We sang songs, blew bubbles, gave gifts and loved on the kids. We were also able to present them with books for EVERY class!!! Some friends of Stacey's parents sent money to buy books for these precious children! They only teach from chalk boards and do not have any books in the school. Look at their faces when we gave them the books!!!!

Meredith, Madison and Matthew Ray had a great time passing out the books! They were so excited to GIVE!

Here's Stacey with one of the teachers and one of the directors of the school. The man in the picture is one of the directors. He grew up in this school and is now giving back!!!