Friday, January 19, 2007

Laundry Balcony and Professional Laundry Man

Laundry is a different story here in Egypt! We have a washer but dryers are not common here at all. Our washer holds a VERY SMALL load of clothes and takes about 2 hours to wash. When the spin cycle begins it sounds like a bomb is going off in our bathroom. Then the washer begins to jump and dance until it makes it's way to the potty near by. When it is finished, we push the washer back to the wall and take out the clothes. Two days after we arrived our clothes got trapped in the washer for 3 days!

Here is the view from our laundry-drying balcony and here is the "now professional" laundry-hanger outer! It took Matt a while to get used to the cold air up here on the 5th floor!

Trip to the Pyramids!

Our first trip to the pyramids was 2 days after we arrived! (We were a little delirious.) We all rode camels and toured around the great pyramids and the Sphinx. The kids loved it! Here's Matt and Madison on their camel.

Airport Arrival

Well, we still don't have DSL but we were just dying to see if we could blog anything! This one picture took 10 minutes to download. So, we are just going to try to blog a few every few days to catch you up on life here. We wish we could blog everything! It has been an amazing ride to say the least. Life each day is a new adventure. All is well and CRAZY!!!

Here are the kids sitting on all of our luggage when we arrived here in the country. We think they look pretty refreshed after 22 hours of travel!