Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Just an Average Field Trip :)

One of the great things about living in Egypt is the history that surrounds us! When Meredith goes on field trips they are not just any ole' field trip! They are amazing! Meredith got to go with her school on a field trip to see pyramids that she hasn't seen before....yes, there are several sets of pyramids! She also took a visit to Memphis. Who would have known 12 years ago when she was born in Memphis, TN that she would one day live right near Memphis Egypt!!!

The pyramids they saw were the Red Pyramid, Step Pyramid, and the Bent Pyramid. She went inside of the Red Pyramid with a very low, long tunnel...her legs hurt for two days! The Step Pyramid once was a mastaba which is a family started as one layer but people built on top of it, making it a pyramid. The Bent Pyramid started out to be built at one angle and then it was decided that the angle was not exact for a long lasting pyramid, so they changed the angle and it looks curved...hence the name "Bent." (Information gained from and interview with Meredith.)
The girls...
Meredith's sweet friend, Rita...
It won't move...."move!"
Such an educational experience (notice the clipboard)

Already Missing This Picture....

Arent' they sweet?? Matthew Ray is already missing his best bud, Caleb! He just left 2 days ago but now there is an emptiness without him! We love you, Caleb!!! Thanks for coming to see us...well, really Matthew Ray!