Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Meredith...A one of a kind Jewel!!!

I hope you are able to read these receipts from our 11 year old, Meredith. She has become quite responsible and is very good at "short-time" babysitting. The other night we went down to another apartment in our building to meet with some friends. Meredith babysat Madison and Matthew Ray while we were gone. She did an amazing job! When we got home, we found these receipts on the table.
The first paper has the list of activities which she entitled "Pre-Teen babysitting schedule." This is what it says if you are having a hard time reading it: watch tv, brush teeth, have devotion, punish Matthew(he through a pouting fit), play, read bedtime story, get them 2 bed. The second paper was our actual receipt we had to sign stating that we could pay her in one of two ways: we could pay her 20 Egyptian Pounds (our money) or we could just give her more minutes on her cell phone. The last paper just says it is our decision (thanks, Meredith!) and then the little "love ya" at the bottom.
I just had to blog this!!! Meredith is such a jewel and a joy to have! She definitely is one of a kind!