Friday, June 08, 2007

A Hand to Hold......

We were able to visit an orphanage today as a family. It was an "all girl's" orphanage that our friend, Hannah took us to visit. We sat around and loved on these precious girls and used a lot of our Arabic! Children are great teachers! When we would say something incorrect, we would ask them if they understood and they were so sweet to tell us the correct way! I think we will get to visit them often!

On the way to see the girls we had a deep conversation with Madison and Matthew Ray about where we were going. They said some of the cutest and most profound things:
"If they don't have a daddy and mommy......
then they don't have anyone to cook them food because the stove is too hot!"
then they can't call anyone in their family on the phone."
then they don't have anyone to wash their clothes in a washer and dryer."
then they don't get presents for their birthday or Christmas."
then they might get run over in the street because they don't have a hand to hold."
The last statement really got to me.....A hand to hold! (Jam. 1:27)
After the last statement Matthew Ray said, "We need to pray for them. Let's do that right now!" How great it is to see even a 3 year old have such a passion!

Matthew Ray really was having a good time even though he doesn't look like it in this picture. He was hot and ready for a drink!