Friday, February 02, 2007

Lady of Leisure??????????????

Now with the makwaggy, the house help, and Matt's new found affinity for laundry, cooking and dishes I have become a lady of leisure - NOT!!!!

Our lives are busier than ever. Transitioning to a new culture and life-style is always a challenge. Our days are filled with hours of language learning and community time as well as repairing broken household items, laundry, laundry, laundry, walking to pick up children from their schools, meetings, meetings, meetings, and shopping for needed food and supplies without a Wal-Mart. To sum it up our days are filled with hours of how to make life work.

I just wanted to clarify so all will know that I am not sitting around being fanned with palm branches!!

Wonderful Culture of Egypt!

Everything in Egypt takes sooooo much more time than in the states BUT there are many great people to help get the work done for a small amount of money. Below are two of our helpers that we LOVE! This is Ali, the makwaggy (ironer). Since there are no clothes dryers most things need ironing. Ali comes to our door every other day and collects any clothes that we need ironed. He returns them in just a short time! Go Ali!!!!!

This is Sahar and she is our house helper. She comes 2 times a week and helps keep our kitchen, bathrooms and floors clean. This is a BIG job! She doesn't like to use anything electrical so she insists on cleaning ALL of our tile and hardwood on her hands and knees. It kills us to watch! We love her smile - it never stops. REMEMBER Sahar everytime you clean your floors.