Monday, February 05, 2007

Sherwin Williams Nicotene Yellow- NOT

When we arrived we found our place to be a really great flat BUT it needed some fixing up. The first thing on the agenda was paint. The walls were a shade of yellow that we had not seen before. After removing some of the pictures on the wall we found out that the color really was supposed to be white. The yellow color that we didn't recognize was called "Nicotine Yellow." (See if they have that color at your local Sherwin Williams!!!)

Anyway, we had some great painters come and paint EVERYTHING. These men were so nice. We had to stay in with them everyday from 10-5 for a week. They taught us so much Arabic and we had GREAT CONVERSATIONS with them. Here we are with them when the job was complete. They brought their camera with them on the last day and we took at least 20 different shots with them. The kids are now becoming camera hogs. They get their picture made at least every other day!

Meredith is such a Great Helper!!!

It takes the whole family "pitching in" to keep things running smooth around here. Here is Meredith hanging laundry on her balcony. I don't know what we would do without that little princess!!!