Friday, June 20, 2008

The Plagues Have Returned to Egypt!

Do you remember the story in the Old Testament where God brought judgement on the Egyptians for their sins by inflicting them with different plagues? Well, we feel like the plagues have returned to Egypt and are appearing in the Dunavant household! But I don't think we have any really big sins out there! :)
Plague one:
I, Stacey have had a terrible month and we could not figure out what was wrong with me. I was crying all of the time, couldn't focus, was confused and had terrible headaches. This all started happening a few days before Juliana and Ashli arrived. Finally, the doctor has discovered that I have a bad thyroid and that was what was causing all of these symptoms. I have been ordered to rest for about a month to try and allow the meds to catch up with my stressed out body! That would sound great to a lot of folks but it is driving me crazy! I am a tasker and it is not normal for me to just lay around.

Plague two:
Matt was being such a sweet husband as he entered the room quietly last night so he wouldn't wake me. As he was tip toeing through the bedroom he slammed his pinky toe into our elliptical machine and immediately began to scream. It soon turned blue.
Plague three:
One of the airconditioner fuses went out last night in Meredith's room (immediately after the toe stubbing incident). So, Matt hobbled into her room to fix it. He and Juliana had to move the bed before he could get to the fuse box. While moving the bed Matt cut the bottom of his other foot and blood starting gushing everywhere! The poor guy came hobbling into our room to show me and I was too sick to even care! So, he had to bandage his foot all alone.
Plague four:
Matt was walking out of our room tonight and stumped ANOTHER toe on his office chair! At that point, we knew these event really needed a blog!

Plague five:
I almost forgot that 3 of the people in our household are battling summer colds. It seems so minor compared to everything else! :)

Even though all of this has been a bit trying, we are still very thankful that we are not being overtaken by a bunch of frogs...ewwwww....gross!!!!
We are also very thankful that Juliana and Ashli have been here during this time! They are really a God-send and we couldn't have done it without them!

Here's Ashli reading Junie B. Jones with the kids before bedtime. This has been a nightly event and Madison and Matthew Ray LOVE it!

Here's me and Juliana in our "all natural" look! Isn't she is sickening to look that good without make-up!