Friday, March 26, 2010

Bathtub Baptism #2!!! :)

A few months ago Madison began asking questions about how to have a relationship with Jesus. She knew all of the right answers months before that but one day she was different. She came into the kitchen and asked me about how to have Jesus in her heart. She talked about how she wanted her sins taken away and how bad she felt for them. I talked with her for a long time and then she said she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart and have her sins forgiven. So, that's what she did. Since then we have been talking with her and asking her hard questions just to make sure she knew the importance of this decision.
So, this Palm Sunday weekend was so special at our home. We asked a few friends over to see her baptized in our bathtub. Meredith was baptized 3 1/2 years ago in a hotel bathtub. We feel so blessed and so excited to see our children come to know the Savior and to Walk in HIM! Two to go! :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Winners in the Desert Race this year!!!

Yippy! All three Dunavant children came home with a medal this year from teh 2k/5k race in the desert! Meredith placed 1st in her division, Madison 3rd in her division and Matthew Ray 3rd in his division. They have been training for the last month and their hard work paid off! We are so proud of each of them and their hard work...

Each of them on the home stretch...I love how Matthew Ray is cheering on and encouraging each of his sisters in these pics :)

Meredith 1st place....

Matthew Ray and Madison 3rd place in each of their divisions...we missed a shot of Madison receiving hers but you can see how proud she is in the right hand side of this pic....

Big this pic!