Saturday, September 06, 2008

A Little Cooking and Karate Chopping...

Have I ever said on this blog before....WE HAVE AMAZING FRIENDS!!! Patrick and Liz came to visit here and brought a suitcase full of goodies from our friends in Pensacola...and again...they REALLY out-did themselves! We got SO much stuff...cookie and muffin mixes, vitamins, sweets like crazy, clothes, jackets, oatmeal, goldfish, cereal bars, books, new Crocs for Matt, swimsuits, coffee (Matt's favorite) and CREAMER (my favorite)! YIPPY! We are giddy this morning! Thank you so much guys! You always keep us stocked up! BTW...Meredith had a mini-meltdown this past week about missing Wal-mart and Sonic...she was SO excited to see a Wal-mart plastic sack in the's amazing what a small thing like a plastic sack can do for our present emotional state!:)

Matthew Ray has been asking for a karate suit for several months. Gina Hodges MADE him one with all of the belts to go with it! He has been chopping everything today! :)

Madison and Meredith got matching aprons with oven mits to match...They helped cook pancakes for breakfast this morning:

Matthew Ray insisted on sleeping in his new karate suit!