Sunday, February 10, 2008

Daddy Shoes

One of the greatest joys in parenthood is also the source for sadness. This last year we have watched as all of our children have grown emotionally, culturally and physically. As Matthew Ray has grown he has truly become a daddy's boy. He wants to be just like his daddy in every way. The other day we told him to put away his shoes. When we came into the living room we found his shoes as you see them in the picture below.

We started thinking about how much he has grown and took a picture and video trip down memory lane. We came across this sweet video of he and Madison! Hope you enjoy!

Fine Arts Festival

Meredith's school held a Fine Arts Festival this week. The kids have really been working hard on plays, poems, songs and art projects. Her class has been reading a book with the setting in Mexico. So, her room had a Mexican theme and they also sang a Mexican song. Such talented kids...English, Spanish and Arabic????