Saturday, February 14, 2009

An Amazing Week!!!!!

Wow! We just finished one of the most amazing weeks we have had since living here! A few months ago we started researching the idea of how to help a little autistic girl that I know that lives here. Little did we know what was about to happen! I started receiving a phone call or two about those that really needed help with their autistic children. It is very hard to find a good diagnosis here as well as find good options for teaching these children. After a few weeks, the floodgates opened with so many calling for help!
These three precious ladies decided that they would be the first to come and help us with some families with autistic children:

Heather, Julie and Shannon
They did such an amazing job! We saw 11 children. We made home visits and clinic visits with each family. On the last night, we held a training session for the parents, teachers, shadows, and anyone interested in learning how to help autisitic children. We had about 25-30 attend the training session. It was such a great time and we enjoyed every minute of the week!

We did not realize how fun this group of ladies would be before they came! We DID NOT stop laughing the whole week! Our abs got a good workout for sure! They were a complete blast and joy to be around! Here's a little taste of some craziness, Bon Qui Qui style:

Not only did they love on the autistic children but they loved on our kids and spent time with them!
We love you guys!!! COME BACK!!!