Saturday, October 24, 2009

Plumbing in Egypt :)

When you see that title you know there has to be a story behind it, huh? We have had many plumbing problems on this side of the ocean...ya know, things aren't made as sturdy here and I really don't think the plumbing system is all that modern if you really want to know the truth:)

Among many of the repairs, each year we have had to replace our kitchen faucet...have no idea why...not really abusing just breaks. So, once again we called our plumber, Mohammed, and asked him to come and put another one in. Madison and Matthew Ray enjoy watching repairmen. Matthew pulled this hairy substance out of Mohammed's toolbox and brought it to us and asked, "Why does he have HAIR in his toolbox?!"

Mohammed's toolbox and the HAIR (not really hair...some type of synthetic string stuff)
"Does this guy really know what he is doing????"
Mohammed...he's really comfortable here now...he asks for "shay" (tea) each time he visits. :)
Madison and Matthew Ray showing Mohammed some of their kitchen doorway stunts....