Friday, March 02, 2007

A Night on the Town

Several times a week we go out and walk around the area where we live. We decided that we would take our camera out tonight so you could see what we see almost everyday. We are always the center of attention because we look so different but this night we got even more attention because we were carrying a big camera. We looked like silly tourists!

Here are a few of the favorite foods that we enjoy.

Baked Breads:

Nuts of all kinds:



Fresh Sqeezed Orange Juice:

Lamb-doesn't it look delicious???? No, we really don't buy this on the street because Stacey can't seem to muster up the courage!

Along the way we met several children who really seemed to love Meredith. They met us at a store and then stayed with us the rest of the evening while we shopped. They didn't speak any English but they held Meredith's hand the whole time and wanted her to tell them things in English. We went to a local grocery store and they took her up and down all of the isles asking her the English name for all of the products. Meredith had a great time with these precious girls.

Matthew Ray is always on the move. Here he is enjoying himself in front of a clothing store.

By the end of the evening we were all pooped! We only got a shot of Madison looking this way but this is how we all felt!