Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Carvin'

YES....we found A, I repeat, A pumkin in Egypt! I have heard that pumpkins can be found at some of the western supermarkets here but I have never seen one. We acutally found this pumpkin at a veggie stand just around the corner. The lady selling it to me was so impressed that I was buying it because she actually thought I knew how to cook it!! Ha!

The Carving: Madison grossed out:

The Finished Product:
If you can't tell...It is a checked cross...Meredith's idea! :)

Those in Need...

A friend of mine told me a story of a family that was going through a very difficult time. The kids and I were able to go and meet this precious family. The son (pictured in the blue galabaya) is 20 years old and was in a terrible car accident in May. He had just moved to the city to work and help provide for his family. His skull was fractured and he had a lot of bleeding on the brain. They were told that he would not live. This family has seen miracle after miracle in his life. He is now able to sit up, move his arms a little and repeat what his dad says to him!! This family is from outside of the city. The father and two of his sisters are the only ones that can be here for him. The mother and 7 other children are still in their hometown and she is working the fields alone while he is here!!!
Before we left our house, the kids went through the kitchen to find a few snacks for this family. Our visit was such a sweet time...we will be going back to visit with them while they are near our home.