Sunday, March 11, 2007

In a Dry Land, we still have water!

Some of you have heard about how our washing machine functions. But for those of you just now catching up I will explain the washing process: Put VERY SMALL load of clothes in washer, turn unmarked nob to someplace hoping it is the right setting, push red button because that has to be the way to turn it on, leave for about 2 hours to wash the load. During the two hour wait there are many noises sounding like a bomb exploding in the bathroom. One such noise happens in the spin cycle-when the spinning begins the entire washer jumps up and down and moves it's way to the toilet. The clothes are finished when noises completely stop. To take the clothes out we have to push the washer back to the wall. We pull out the clothes to hang them outside and HOPE they are clean. (Exciting, huh??!!)

This particular night the jumping caused the door of the washer to fly open causing water to flood all over the bathroom. All bathrooms and kitchens here have a drain in the floor. Here is Meredith using the squeegy to push the water in the drain. You just never know what a day will bring here!!!!!