Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another Year Down...Such Gifted Girls

Another year of school is now behind us! Meredith and Madison had their last day of school today...completing 6th grade and kindergarten. Today their school held an award's ceremony and talent show. We are so proud of how God has gifted each one of them. We pray that their lives will always glorify HIM!

Meredith received the Bible award for her class. Her teacher said that not only was she a super bible verse memorizer but that her WALK with Christ was amazing and showed in how she lived. I think it was the best award of the day! :)

Madison getting ready to receive her art award...she was SO excited! We have discovered that Madison is our "creative/artistic" child.

Madison and her teacher who invested so much special time with Madison:

Madison came home from school yesterday with her drawing book. She opened it and showed us this picture and stated that she drew it all by herself! We were shocked and a little concerned that she might not be telling the truth. But as it turns out..her teacher told us today that she did draw it all alone. Her teacher had a drawing like this on her white board and Madison drew one herself. We may have a future artist on our hands! :)