Friday, March 30, 2007

Is it Christmas in Egypt, Mommy??

Yesterday we saw an unusual sight outside! Lights were being hung right in front of all 4 of our balconies. These weren't just any lights-they were big painted light bulbs hanging from the top of our building and cascading all the way to the street! We couldn't imagine what they were for. We thought they may be for the celebration of Mohammad's birthday which is this weekend. When Madison and Matthew Ray saw them flashing outside their balcony they said, "Is it Christmas in Egypt, Mommy?!?"
Today we learned that some stores hang these when there is a grand opening. When we arrived home today the lights were already gone. We watched the men hang them yesterday afternoon and it was a lot of work! Today they are gone????? Oh well, we enjoyed them for the 2 hours that they were flashing.