Sunday, August 24, 2008

Madison's First Day of Kindergarten! WOW!

Madison's teacher who said she had a WONDERFUL first day!

Well, at least two of our children had happier faces on this morning before school! Meredith was so glad to get back to her "social atomosphere" and Madison was pumped about her first day of kindergarten! As for little Matthew Ray...just about as pitiful as yesterday's shots. Poor was hard for him to see his sister go to "big school" without him. We were going to send him to his regular pre-school but we just didn't have the heart to today..maybe tomorrow! :) This is not Meredith's teacher this year but she is our really good friend who is also teaching at the school. Isn't she cute? She's single, ya'll!:)

When Madison came home she was full of new rules and information! Here's just a few things she enlightened us with...