Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dada's Here!!!

Dada (Matt's dad) is here and we...well, he...has been busy! Here's just a few of the things going on this week:
**Dada has been able to meet several of our local friends on this visit.
**Dada has had a "buddy date" with Matthew Ray where they went to eat shrimp sandwiches on the street.
**He also had a dessert/french fry date with Madison to McDonalds after dinner one evening.
**He is getting to teach some local pastors with Matt all week.
**He and Matt picked up a new "dulab" (Egyptian closet) for us yesterday and came home and put it together...only a little blood, sweat and tears but they did it!
**At the end of the week he and Meredith have a date planned for the 5 story mall!
I got these pictures from Dada's camera...hopefully I can get some more as the week goes on.