Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our Kiddos This Week...

I, Stacey, also write for a mom's blog called Prayer of Hannah. This week was a week to write about what our kids are going through at their different stages. I wanted to post it here for your enjoyment and also so I could save it to my new way of scrapbooking!

All three of our kids are at such different stages right now even though the younger two are just one year and 2 days apart(their bdays are next week). I will start with the oldest, Meredith, and work down.

Meredith is 12 now and is experiencing all kinds of hormones these days! She has begun to notice boys, cries at the drop of a hat, shows her silliness all of the time, asks when it will be time for her to wear “just a little make-up”, hangs out less with the little ones and more with the adults…whew…what a roller coaster to ride with her! Now, before you take that wrong…I love roller coasters but they do keep me on the edge of my seat (sometimes pulling out my hair!:) I knew in my head these days would come but now that they are here I REALLY can’t believe it! I was looking at the pics of some sweet babies today and I remember Meredith having that sweet little baby face…just yesterday! Where did the time go?? Matt and I were talking about how sad we are to know that our “time” with her in our home is over half over! It just doesn’t seem real! She is such an amazing kid and I am so proud to be her mom. Her walk with Jesus is so real and I am challenged by that walk every day.

Madison, 5….the MIDDLE child! So many stereotypes come with that title….and she fits most of them! Ha! Madison is definitely one of a kind. She has a strong personality, speaks her mind, controls EVERY situation (which we like to call good leadership qualities), is a daddy’s girl, and absolutely LOVES kindergarten! She was the one that had the hardest time adjusting to our move overseas. She didn’t do strange things to make us know she was having a hard time…she just spoke her mind…and spoke it very strongly. She has come so far and has made an amazing turn around in the last year. She now speaks and understands Arabic very well, rarely makes negative comments about our new culture and thinks kindergarten is her own little special club she has been waiting on her whole life! I love my little Madison bear…she is so unique!

Matthew Ray, 4…the baby and the lone boy. This little man has to have the sweetest heart on the planet…I wish I could claim that character trait but that award goes to his daddy. Matthew Ray hates to make anyone sad, is easily hurt by others, gives 500 kisses and hugs everyday to his mom and dad, and karate chops EVERYTHING in the house! But our little man has really been going through a tough time these days. After Madison started kindergarten in August, we began to see a difference…his feelings stay on his shoulders, he cries more than normal, and his self-esteem is lacking. It took us a while to figure it out (duh?) but we finally realized he must be going through separation anxiety from his sister. I don’t know why but it never dawned on me that he has been with her every day of his little life…and now she is gone most of the day. So, we are taking extra time with him each day, giving lots of positive reinforcement, and loving every kiss and hug we receive in return!