Monday, July 19, 2010

Calvary Visit 2010

We made a trip back to Pensacola to visit Calvary Baptist where we served for 8 years.Meredith and Kooky..too sweet.
Matt and I got to speak to the small groups...(it looks like Matt might be texting instead of listening to something important from me..:)
I listened to him very well! :)
We were awarded the famous Carley cookies! YUM!
We had such a great time seeing everyone and catching up!

Old and New Friends...

Madison and Emmy finally reunite after 3 years!Meredith met some great new friends in VA...they wanna come see us in Egypt!
Meredith and her BFF, Jenna...they always pick up right where they left off..
Meredith with Calvary youth at a pool party..