Sunday, July 08, 2007

Gifts from Home!!!!

Our friends bought and collected gifts for months before they came to visit. This first picture is of Amber talking to Meredith on the phone before the ladies left Florida. She is sitting in front of large bags of gifts! When the ladies arrived they wanted to come straight to our house to open all of the SEVEN suitcases FULL of presents! We had the children all leave the room while our friends made STACKS of gifts for each child. As they were unpacking, Matt and I carried LOADS of food, clothes and bathroom stuff and put them up! WOW! We had Christmas in June!!!! (scroll down to see the entire list of gifts!) Thank you sooooo much Karen, Holly, Mariah, Crystal, Heather, Paul, Sherry, Alex, Jenna and CBC!!!!!! We love you sooooo much! You are awesome!

Here is the amazing list of gifts:
16 lotions
2 body washes
3 body sprays
1 srunchy
toothbrush and toothpaste
door hanger for wreath
Abe's honey
Jacket for Stacey
Christmas Tree and lights (and my CAVE, thanks Paul!)
Easter baskets and decorations for years!
Travel coffee mug
19 brownie mixes
$100 in IPOD music cards
11 shirts for Matt
21 muffin mixes
2 bags of grits
7 cookie mixes
5 cans of Purple Hull Peas
2 bottles of Hot sauce
12 cans of rotel
6 cans of mandarin oranges
2 packs of oreos
5 giant coffee mate French Vanilla Creamers!!!!
2 powdered creamers
3 Maxwell House coffees
Wickers BBQ sauce
3 Large Taco Seasonings
6 small taco seasonings
1 large vanilla extract
5 salsa seasonings
50 packs of strawberries and cream oatmeal
6 bottles of Adult Benadryl
5 containers of insect repellant
Cappucino mix
1 large bag of M&M's
15 packs of Easy mac and Easy Hamburger Helper
2 packs of stuffing mix
4 bags of chocolate chips
ENORMOUS PILE OF CLOTHES FOR ALL KIDS!!!!-Meredith's stack went to her knees and Madison and MR's stack went to their waists!
23 packs of ranch dressing mix
B-day candles
3 Merle Norman make-ups or Stacey
10 shirts for Stacey
3 pants for Stacey
1 skirt for Stacey
Palm Pilot
3 boxes of Pop-tarts
2 Bath and Body room sprays
Alabama T-shirt for Matt
Alabama phone case for Matt
LOADS of TOYS for kids!!!!!!(Nathan, Patrick and Joe-MR loves all of the cool boy stuff)
57 music CD's and DVD's
5 books for Stacey
6 books for Matt
computer chill mat
9 Days of Amazing fun with Great friends!