Thursday, November 20, 2008

Confession...We Have a Drinking Problem at our House!

We have literally POURED (no pun intended) tons of money into buying juice boxes over the last 2 years! This is partly due to a 5 and 6 year old who can't seem to get enough apple juice! So, about a week ago we sat down with all three children and discussed the "new rule" on drinking juice....They each are allowed to have one juice box a day and then a small cup either for breakfast or for supper. The rest of the time they can drink water. As soon as we finished giving the rule Meredith said, "It is not me that has the juice problem. THEY have the juice drinking problem!!!":)
A few days later we had some things delivered from our little shop. When the man came and told us the total, I just knew that couldn't be right. We went ahead and paid him but I was determined to do some research the next day. My suspicion was right...that shop had been charging us 3 times the price for our large juices and twice the price for our small juice boxes!!! Of course, I went to them and got my money back from the previous day's order(don't worry...I kept my cool) but who knows how much they really owe me from the last two years!!! So, I guess the "pouring of the money" is not all Madison and Matthew Ray's fault afterall! But Meredith says they still have a drinking problem!
He looks pretty tipsy, doesn't he! :)