Monday, January 28, 2008

Arabic Video Archive

I was looking back over some of our "study videos" from this last year and ran across this hilarious one of Matt. I really don't try to find all of the funny videos of Matt and post them but he is just so funny!!! AND.....since he never blogs I have the priveledge of showing you his funny moments and NOT mine! Hee..Hee!

Anyway, this video was taken earlier last year. Our teacher is using the verb 'to wash' over and over. Matt is acting out what she says. "He is washing his hair. He is washing his face." etc..

During this last year of language we have discovered that Matt and I are more opposite than we ever thought we were. I am good with just hearing our teacher say a new thing a few times and then allowing me to use the new vocab(kinda boring, huh?) but Matt always puts an interesting twist in each lesson! Our differences caused MUCH conflict at first but now he just takes the lead and decides how he wants the lesson to run. So, the teacher and I are surprised each day to see what Matt will pull out of his funny hat next! :)

By the way...we are just a LITTLE further along in Arabic since this video! :) In Sha Allah we will speak this language!!!! Uggggg!!!!