Monday, January 19, 2009

A Couple of Little Funny Pharoah Land Moments...

...Brought to you by Matthew Ray:

#1 "What a RIP OFF!"
We took some new people on a faluka (sail boat) ride on the Nile the other day. We have taken several faluka rides since we have been here. All of them are different. Some of them are older than others....some are a little bigger than others....some have Egyptian music playing....and some don't play music at all. But it is always an enjoyable, peaceful ride away from the city chaos. Oh...and IT IS CHEAP. We ususally pay about 8 dollars for a TON of us to ride! This particular ride found us on just a regular ole faluka with no music...No big deal...we didn't think...until Matthew Ray yelled, "NO MUSIC?!?!!! WHAT A RIP OFF!"

#2 "Why do we call God a turtle?"
Matt was praying with Madison and Matthew Ray before bed last night. He was praying a prayer of praise...just praising God for who He is. He was saying, "God, You are Sovereign, You are Holy, You are All Knowing, You are Great, You are ETERNAL..." After Matt's prayer, Matthew Ray looked at Matt with a serious little face, peering over his glasses and asked, "Dad, why do we call God a turtle?"