Sunday, July 27, 2008

Some Re-decorating at 10 PM!!!!

Meredith felt that she needed a "more grown up-ish" room (with a little help from Juliana and Ashli). As many know, I am a planner but I didn't marry a planner and I also have a sister who is not a planner! Matt and Juliana began the project of painting Meredith's room on Saturday afternoon. Matt, Juliana, Ashli and Meredith left our house at 8 pm to go buy paint and supplies. They returned at 9 pm and we began the "family project" at 10 PM!!! CRAZY! Anyway, everyone got involved and we had a great time!
We decided to paint her walls a sage-ish color and we have ordered pink polka dots to stick on her wall. Dada will be bringing us the polka dots so we don't have the finished product to show you but so far, it looks pretty good!