Saturday, November 18, 2006

We Have Great Friends!!!!

Are you ever just grateful for great friends? We are!!! Eric, Amber and Caleb flew a long way to see us this weekend. It really was a timely visit. We needed some "home people" if you know what I mean! The only thing missing was Mariah and Micah. They had to stay back in Pensacola. (Thanks, Mariah for letting us borrow the rest of your family for a couple of days!) The kids just picked up where they left off with playing together, Matt and Eric caught up on solving the issues of the world and Stacey just sat back and enjoyed all having a great time.

Here's Matt and Eric sitting in our "oh, so comfy" living room.

After visiting for a while, we decided it would be fun to eat sushi and habatchi at a wonderful local Japanese restaurant. It was a great time of fellowship and entertainment.

FRIENDS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meredith, Amber, Caleb, Madison and Matthew Ray had an exciting afternoon playing on the playground. It was just like old times!

At the end of the evening we really tried something new!!! Stacey took a haircutting class this week at camp so she would have the skills if she needed them overseas. So, Eric allowed Stacey to "practice" on Caleb and Amber. We didn't catch a picture of Caleb but here is Amber sporting her new-do. The plan was just to trim a little but Stacey made a slight mistake. So, Amber now has a very cute, shorter cut! She said, "Hey, it's like Meredith's hair!" (Sorry, Mariah!)