Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Yes, you have read the title correctly...Friday is Mother's Day in Egypt! Mother's Day here is BIG!! All children are expected to visit their mom, bring gifts and make this day VERY special for her. As we have been walking and riding around the city over the last two weeks we have seen so many "Mother's Day" signs all over store windows.
McDonalds has even gotten involved in the celebration. I called one night last week to order McDonalds for supper (yes, they deliver here and yes I know this is not the healthy meal that I NORMALLY cook for my family :). Anyway, I ordered a combo meal for Meredith and the man on the phone congratulated me and said, "With every combo meal you receive a McDonald's make-up bag!" I said, "Excuse me? You said MAKEUP BAG???" He responded, "Yes, a McDonald's makeup bag." Tooooo funny!!! We all had a great laugh over that one and knew that the story had to be added to the blog!

I believe the McDonald's makeup bag has to be one of the most unique gifts I have ever received for Mother's Day but I never get tired of the unique creations that my children make for me! "I love you, my sweet little ones! You are such GREAT GIFTS from God to me!"