Friday, July 27, 2007

Off to Hadonna

Madison and Matthew Ray have changed hadonna's (pre-school). They have been attending this new hadonna for about 2 months and they love it. The first hadonna that they attended looked very beautiful on the surface but they cried every morning when we dropped them off and complained every afternoon when we picked them up. We heard of another hadonna that only had Arabic speaking so we decided to try it out. When we first saw the place, we couldn't believe it. It was very run down and only had a very small garden for playing outside (the first one had a big area with a swimming pool!) We were very leery about sending them because of the appearance but we decided to try it. You know, kids don't really care about appearances but they do care about how people treat them. The teachers at the hadonna adore them and they adore the teachers. The big plus is that their Arabic is improving every day!

Here they are excited about leaving for another school day!