Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Funny Pharoah Land Moments..No. 5 and 6

I promise I could write one of these funny moments every day...but I just don't have the time!!! Here are two for ya!

Madison has just started kindergarten so she and Matthew enjoy (most of the time) catching up after school. This is how the conversation went over their after school snacks yesterday:

Matthew Ray(in tears): MOM!! Madison said I was made out of dirt! I am NOT made out of dirt!

Madison: No, it's the sand thing...you know mom...the sand/dirt thing!??

Matthew Ray: I AM NOT MADE OUT OF DIRT!!!!

Madison: Yes, you are made out of dirt and I am made out of this thing right here (pushing her side out and pointing to her ribs)....right mom? You remember the story, don't you??

Matthew Ray: It is not true! I am not DIRT!

Madison: Yes, you are!!! My teacher said so!

No. 6
Madison has been informing us for the last several months that when she is older she is NOT marrying anyone and she is NOT having a baby. When asked why she just states that she wants her own stuff and her own house...to sum it up...she doesn't want to share! And then the thought of a baby just sends her over the edge...no baby is coming out of her body!!! So, I was walking with her in the street and we were discussing this topic once again:

Madison: Mom, I am going to have lots of money when I grow up. I am going to buy whatever I want and whenever I want!

Me: Well, you better marry someone really rich or have a really good job!

Madison: Remember mom, I AM NOT MARRYING ANYONE!! So, I will have a good job...what is a good job??

Me: Well, you could be a doctor or a nurse or you could be a business woman I guess..

Madison: I know what I will be! I want to own my own store! I am going to sell toys! And you know what?? I can save the toys I have now and then I won't have to buy new ones to get started in my store! I can just start selling those and then I will have money to start my new store!

Since this conversation, she is stuck on this toy store business. She and Matthew Ray have now decided that they will both have toy stores...She will carry boy toys and he will carry girl toys...and then each will have a place to shop for what they want!!:)