Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Extreme Makeover-Egypt Edition...

We have some visitors for the next few weeks. They are teaching at Matthew Ray's hadonna (pre-school). They were supposed to paint at the hadonna but the plans were changed and they had a couple of "free", we put them to work at our house! They have been so great to help us with our mini-makeover of the kid's rooms. We decided to move the girls in together and give Matthew Ray his own room. (Don't worry all of you Meredith fans....she wanted to do this and is excited about getting new loft beds for their room).

Another friend of ours is flying in next week and bringing their SUPER cute bedding! Here are the beginning pics of the project. We hope to be done with everything in a few weeks because we still haven't heard back from the man who is making the loft beds....This is, you never know! :) We will update more as the rooms progress.

From pink to CHOCOLATE:
Matthew Ray trying to help Amanda...trying!
Christa working and playing:

This girl didn't stop! Leshay painted EVERY letter of my kid's names....and it was not an easy task! Her reason for being so efficient? "I am stubborn!":)
Melinda and Stacey in the "dungeon" painting letters...

New Friends....

We were invited to eat with some new friends last week. We had such a great time and the food was FABULOUS! I even learned how to make a dish and tried it out this week....yummy!