Monday, January 26, 2009

Boys Rule....Girls..????

It is a boy's world around here this week for sure! Caleb and Matthew Ray have officially taken over the Wii and have kicked the girls to the curb! Now this would not be okay all of the time....but this week...this is how it is...and it is great! Matthew Ray deals with girly stuff on a regular basis. He is so excited to have Caleb here and to just have another boy to "rule" with him!

Here's a shot of Madison pulling all of her "girly stuff" out of the living room after she was "removed" from the Wii playing area...:)
The men are in charge!

We have Visitors!!!!

Eric and Caleb got here safe and sound. It was more than enough to just come visit us but they came with LOADS of gifts! I don't even think they packed clothes for themselves! :) Thank you to all of those from Calvary who sent are super blessed!
We are so excited to have them here and have already had a busy time! I hope to post several times during the week to show you what we are doing!
Amber sent Bella Balerina to Madison. She LOVES it!!!
Here we are buried under gifts.
New dress up clothes and "Princess Madison" books!

Matthew Ray and Caleb actually wanted this picture alone but they were nice and let Madison in!