Sunday, April 19, 2009

Egyptian Beauty...

Egyptian women are beautiful and they love to keep their skin and hair looking young. This calls for several trips to the Coiffure each week to have their hair styled and hair removed from their entire face.
My mom had a double treatment this past week. These first few pictures show Madison and Matthew Ray giving her an "ooh la la spa treatment" (they named it)....she had her hair done, a foot treatment with a starfish, a back rub with a jump rope and tattoos placed on her legs as well as a tree frog on her belly!! She also enjoyed her pleasant experience while Matthew Ray fanned her with a palm leaf.:)

Mom also took Meredith to the Coiffure for the first time to have her eyebrows done. Mom had "fatla" (hair removal with a string) done on her eyebrows and Meredith had hers done by a STRAIGHT RAZOR!!! Here's a video for you to see....YIKES!

Isn't she beautiful?!