Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Little Time Away

We were able to get away for a few days from the craziness of city life and take a trip to the Mediterranean. Some dear friends came with us from the states and spent LOTS AND LOTS of TIME with our children. They taught them stories, songs, games, made many crafts with them and LOVED on them. It was a breath of fresh air in more ways than one! The last night the kids performed for the adults all that they had learned from the week. They even brought new clothes and shoes for the kids, presents for the parents and U.S. snacks!! Yummy! Thanks so much guys for EVERYTHING!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!

Meredith and the Beaded Bracelet

Mariah came to visit this past week and we had such a great time!! While she was here we did several things. One place we decided to visit was garbage city. She had gone there with us last year and that is the only place she wanted to re-visit this year!! The recycling center is a great place to see Coptic girls and visit with them. They are so sweet and very talented!! Meredith had decided before we went that she would take one of her "beaded bracelets" and tell the story with it to one of the girls. As soon as we entered the loom room, Meredith spotted a girl and began to show her the "colored bracelet". She was able to do all of it in Arabic!! It was a great day. We will post more of our fun times with Mariah and our trip to the Mediterranean in the next couple of days.

Meredith showing the bracelet:

Meredith and the girls cutting material to make rugs, blankets and bags:

Stacks and stacks of beautiful bags!

Mariah, Stacey and Meredith in front of the compost garden the recycling has created in garbage city:
The girls loved teaching Meredith to use the loom. They are all right around her age.