Wednesday, December 24, 2008

2008 Christmas Activities...

Our internet has been running too slow to upload anything because some internet lines were cut in the Mediterranean. So, hopefully I can get a few posts up showing you some of Christmas 2008 with the Dunavants!

First up....Christmas Eve Activities: We woke up Christmas Eve morning and the kids began begging Matt, "Can we open ONE...just ONE present today??? PLEASE!" So, after much begging, he caved. They each opened one present.

We then got ready and went to some friend's house for some Christmas snacks, kid crafts, cookie decorating, fellowship, and Wii playing!

After an eventful afternoon/evening, we returned home to put out reindeer food and Santa cookies and milk. Our friend, April, came home with us to spend the night and join this year's Christmas fun! Then we decided we really needed to watch Home Alone to end the evening! What a fun and full day!

This year we threw our reindeer food over the balcony. It worked.....Santa found us!!!!