Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Marathon Day with Dada and Mimi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whew! What a day! The day started out getting all of the kids off to school which is eventful all by itself. Matt and Don decided to treat themselves to Starbucks down the street after they delivered the children. We then headed for Garbage City. While there we visited the recycling center and the Coptic Church in the Cave. Our next stop was the Citadel. We made it back to our place to pick up the kids, grab some supper and then head out again for the evening. We went for a relaxing ride on the Nile...Madison was scared as usual...Matthew Ray did his regular search for Baby Moses in the bullrushes...and the rest of us just sat back and relaxed from the craziness of the day. BUT our craziness was not over. We got off of the faluka boat and caught a taxi (all 7 of us). As a group we decided to drive through downtown. We arrived downtown. I (Stacey) saw the Metro (the subway) sign and said, "Hey, how about if we ride the metro back home?? It's a real experience!" By this time, everyone was up to anything! :) We entered the metro car along with what seemed to be the rest of everyone that lives in our city! All decided that they had had enough about three stops down the track. So, we got off of the metro, caught another taxi that all 7 of us crammed into, and then drove for another 20 minutes back home! We told Mimi and Dada that they are ruthless...we have never had such a marathon of a day! I think we will just rest tomorrow!